Where I’ve Been

Where I’ve Been

Many years ago, even as a young couple, my wife Susan and I understood the importance of a robust public education system. Sue’s passion was early intervention autism. As a speech therapist, and then later, a special education teacher, Sue, helped create brighter futures for children and families.

I was elected to my local board of education, where I helped build award-winning schools by providing the tools school officials needed to be successful and then holding the administrators and staff accountable. I used laser focus to guide the board’s activities as we solved some of the very same issues impacting our Howard County community today.

My work on the board of education garnered 11 blue ribbon school distinctions and saw the construction of new school facilities without raising property taxes. I continued forward and served at the county level where I was responsible for system-wide oversight of a student body totaling more than 125,197 kids.

Working with my board of education colleagues in New Jersey, I created innovative strategies which unquestionably produced the results our community demanded. The knowledge and experienced I gained as a member of the municipal zoning board also proved very helpful in matters of school construction.

Howard County

My years of public service here in Howard County has helped me to establish and grow meaningful relationships with County government leaders and other stakeholders. Shortly after moving to Howard County, I was asked to serve on the Howard County Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board (ABHB). Through my years of work on the ABHB, I was able to encourage and support small business owners while creating and enforcing smart alcoholic beverage licensing and consumption regulations. Preventing underage drinking and holding business owners accountable was a hallmark of my time on the Board. Most recently, I transitioned as Chairman of the ABHB to my current position with the Howard County Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals primarily deals with matters concerning land use.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Meade

I have long been engaged on countless fronts to improve our coveted school system, not just during the recent redistricting debacle, but for many years preceding. Early in the current Superintendent’s tenure, I was asked to join a newly created HCPSS Superintendent’s Advisory Committee designed to report directly to the Superintendent about matters including special education and school capacity. Unfortunately, the panel was short-lived as the Superintendent became immersed in other activities. Nonetheless, my advocacy for ALL kids and families continues

Quinn’s Story is Not Uncommon

In 2018 my advocacy caught the attention of Governor Hogan, and as a result, I was asked to testify before the Maryland State Senate on proposed legislation intended to create an independent state watchdog for all Maryland public schools. The legislation, unfortunately, came too late to help my son, but I testified so that others wouldn’t suffer in the same way he did. The video is my emotional testimony before the Maryland Senate Sub Committee.

Public Service

I am not a career politician. I do not represent any special interest group, and my involvement in our public school system is not limited to any single issue. Instead, I am a trusted civil servant, and for more than 20 years I have worked as a paramedic helping the most at-risk populations while simultaneously serving in a wide array of positions within our school systems and government.

Simply identifying a problem is the easy part, finding real solutions and convincing others to join in that vision requires ability and experience. In 2019 I was honored with the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership Award from amongst a pool of 33,000 candidates. The award recognizes outstanding performance and exemplary service by a public sector employee. The following excerpt was taken from the George Washington University award website.

“After earning a solid reputation as a paramedic in the New York City region, Gene Ryan was recruited to help shape Washington’s Fire Department-based Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system in 2009. After a few years in his new role, he began noticing some opportunities for improvement, so he took the initiative to comb through public safety data and prepare a series of briefs.

One of his documents—an 86-page paper, caught the attention of the interim fire chief—described, among other things, difficulties firefighters had searching the ruins of an exploded building in Georgetown. The solutions were not obvious, so in 2013, Gene convened a small group of fellow firefighters who decided to accept responsibility for improving outcomes. Their analysis of time-sensitive, high-risk needs revealed that search-and-rescue canines were a top priority.

The Central Intelligence Agency offered to donate two dogs, but the fire department lacked a swift process to accept the donation. Discouraged by this outcome, the group disbanded, but Gene pressed on. He started a nonprofit organization and launched a public speaking tour to raise awareness and funding. His empathy and commitment resonated, and within two months, he had raised more than $80,000 for a canine program.”

I share this information to demonstrate how a data-driven approach to problem-solving, coupled with an innovative perspective, is not merely a soundbite for the campaign trail —but instead, these traits and abilities are tangible and real. I am a proven commodity with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve HCPSS for all children and families.

The short video below, created by George Washington University, highlights how my strong leadership and innovative thinking created a great outcome for the entire community.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me.

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