On the record

Dear Neighbors,

High-quality public schools, safe communities, and an affordable quality of life are why I call Howard County home.

In recent years I have become frustrated with partisan fighting and political posturing. We build things through understanding, not by tearing each other down.

It is time for a leader who doesn’t just say he is different, but who actually is different.

  • Taxpayer money, even when used responsibly, sometimes just doesn’t stretch far enough. Recognizing that problem, I founded a nonprofit public charity which directly supports local first responders and has delivered thousands of dollars in training scholarships and disaster response equipment.
  • Hired to improve public safety in Washington DC, I uncovered millions of dollars in waste, fraud and gross mismanagement. I blew the whistle on government corruption and took on the crooked political appointees to force them out. Today, public safety professionals can once again do what they do best; save lives.
  • As an elected board of education member in another county, I stopped the waste of precious educational funding on school lawyers and returned the money to the classroom where it belonged.
  • Handpicked by HCPSS Superintendent Dr. Martirano to serve on his Advisory Committee; I have fiercely advocated for the most vulnerable children in our community. By working together, we have developed a system-wide strategic plan designed to eradicate educational inequality.
  • Creating opportunities for economic development has been a key focus since my nomination to the Howard County Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board by District 3 Councilwoman Jen Terresa. My ultimate appointment to the Board by County Executive Kittleman represented the critical need for an independent voice in County government.
  • Understanding what the term smart growth actually means enabled me to preserve more than 100 acres of green space during my tenure as a municipal zoning official in my hometown.

Have you noticed that political candidates rarely explain how they will deliver on all those great campaign promises? The good people of Howard County deserve more respect and less lip service. Demand accountability by saying no to empty promises and yes to real solutions that make sense.

Join our campaign and let your Independent voice be heard. We can do anything if we do it together.


Gene Ryan

Gene Ryan