Get To Know Gene Ryan

I am not a politican.

I love this community, but partisan politics are getting in the way.

My wife Susan and I understand the importance of raising our kids in a community where diversity and equality are fundamental values.

As a professional firefighter-paramedic, I have worked for more than two decades protecting the lives of others. Building more resilient communities and serving people is not only my life’s work, but it’s who I am.

I have stood up, and I have spoken up for the fundamental rights of children to be safe, for my neighbors’ rights to live affordably and for the rights of small business owners to work hard and have a fair chance at building a great future. Having served on numerous boards and committees in Howard County has allowed me to better understand the challenges and opportunities for the people of District 3 and all Howard County residents.

My wife Susan inspires me to a be a better person every day as I watch her positively impact the lives of young children with Autism and other disabilities. Being married to a Special Education teacher has allowed me to experience the joys and the frustrations teachers go through when they pour their hearts out for the kids they serve.

Becoming a councilperson is not something I envisioned for myself, however, in recent years I have become frustrated with the unrelenting partisan bickering and political posturing.

There are far better ways to ensure we have the community we all want, but if we keep doing things the way we always have, that vision will fade away.

I have a demonstrated record of bringing innovation and efficiency to government so that our financial well-being is not born solely on the backs of taxpayers.

As an Independent candidate for Howard County Council District 3, I am the only candidate who does not represent a special interest group. Pandering and fear mongering to serve political agendas has no place in our way of life. District 3 residents should not be considered political stepping stones for anyone.

Candidly, it would be much easier to sit back and leave the difficult decisions to others, but that is just not who I am.